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March 3, 2008

EL150: Sports writing = more than just writing.

I'm an English major - Now what?

I'm the Sports Editor for The Setonian so maybe this quote stuck out to me most because of that, but I feel like this goes well with what I am looking for when considering people to write sports for my section.

"If you love sports and writing...there's no problem," (Lemire 84).

I don't want writers for the sports section, I want athletes that can write. Or at least writers with a passion for sports as well as writing. Personally, I feel that it takes more than a writer to write sports. It takes someone that understands the mentallity, someone that knows what a team that is really a family feels like, someone that hates running the suicides in practice, but loves the feeling of the pay off afterwards.

Dr. Jerz recently told me that the way I presented writing for the sports section was inappropriate and unprofessional. (I used the fact that good looking guys play sports at SHU and saying this to a, basically all girl class, was really just for a laugh.) Though this may be true, The Setonian cannot be all professional - especially when it's the sports section. Our 'hard news" area should be, but sports are a lighter topic and frankly sports writing isn't about how great of a writer you are, its about how well you know what you're talking about. So really the way I presented the "Hey write sports for The Setonian" was aimed towards getting the attention of the girls that are athletes, not the girls that make beautiful sentences.

"If you love sports and writing...there's no problem."

I want the kids that do both, not the kids that think if you can write about one thing you can write about anything. Even as a serious writer I think this statement is wrong. You've got to know what you're talking about. You've got to know that love means nothing and that cauliflower is not a vegetable. Sorry if this comes off has harsh but I will not let this section go foul while it is under my supervision.


I'm glad to see your passion for your position as sports editor is helping you to interpret your reading in EL150.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I thought you were unprofessional, or at least I would never phrase it that way... I would rather say that it would be *more* professional to keep in mind that the public needs to know that The Setonian wants to cover women's sports, too, so we at the very least we'd need to attract just as many writers who want to be around female athletes.

There's nothing wrong with getting a laugh, of course, and I wasn't offended or anything. Equity between male sports and female sports is an important issue in Title IX guidelines, so I'm just hoping to encourage breadth and balance in the sports coverage. I'm glad to know you're still thinking about the issue. In the budget for next year, I've requested two more camera lenses -- a telephoto attachment and a wide-angle lens, so I hope that will encourage even more creativity with our sports photos.

My intention was not to get girls to JUST write about male sports, it was simply to get them interested in writing sports in the first place. Nothing else seemed to be working and if I got someone's attention from that comment, then I think I was making progress.

I understand the need for the same amount of coverage between men's and women's sports, I played sports through out my life and have always felt that the boy's got more privleges, my intention was certainly not to give the men's sports more coverage.

Sounds good, Chelsea. I'm glad to see you staying positive and working towards a solution.

Hey that sounds really good, Dennis i hope every well see your comment and yea they should stay in positive and working towards a solution.

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