EL150: Second grade pen-pals

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

I loved second grade. Mrs. Timble is probably one of my favorite people ever. In her class we did plenty of fun things, one of them has having pen-pals. We were actually set up through an elementary class pen-pal agency thing, kind of like eHarmony for little kid classes. We were set up with another second grade class in Michigan. At that time I thought this was the greatest idea ever because from a young age I loved writing, and at that age I especially liked writing about myself, which I would be able to do with a pen-pal.

I was given Diana to be my pen-pal. Now as a second grader I think that I was pretty advanced in the grammar category, it was the spelling thing that I had problems with. (Read more about that story on my xanga page, you'll have to scroll down, but it's called The Cover Sheet.) Anyway, so I was easily fed up with Diana because her grammar was TERRIBLE. But since she was a second grader, and I was just clearly advanced I let it slide.

The reason for me telling this story...is because I was reminded of it when I read pages 103 and 104. Because, when re-doing my room the first time, when I was in like sixth grade, I found some of those letters from Diana and decided to become pen-pals with her again, since we started to loose touch after the summer between second and third grade. We stayed pen-pals into Jr. High until I realized that her grammar abilities had not changed, she was the same old Diana. But as we were turning fourteen I couldn't give her the benefit of the doubt anymore, it was driving me CRAZY! So like Lynne Truss I had to end this relationship, though I did not do it as harshly as she did, I just happened to loose touch with Diana and I'm hoping that college is treating her grammar well, and that there is no problem with it now.

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Tiffany Gilbert said:

Funny that you talk about grammar making you crazy. Your story made me think about last summer when I was helping my mom at her company. She had to write about a Chicago plane flight gone wrong for her and her colleagues. She left me in her cubical for ten minutes. I found a red pen and went crazy. The entire page was covered in arrows and circled commas and periods. My poor mom works in business, where her grammar skills need not be up to date. Granted, I can't disown my own mother for poor grammar and wrong punctuation, but it goes to show that I do care what an important document looks like.
She sent that marked up paper to all of her colleagues and told me college was a bad influence on me. :( Haha

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