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April 6, 2008

EL150: How many feet are in a line?

Essential Literary Terms by Sharon Hamilton

Page 200-201

In describing a poem's meter, one needs to name the prevailing metrical foot and to specify the number of feet in each line. This number is indicated by terms derived from the Greek. The most common are the following:

Monometer - one foot

Dimeter - two feet

Trimeter - three feet

Tetrameter - four feet

Pentameter - five feet

Hexameter - six feet

Heptameter - seven feet


So, I admit, this blog entry is really just for me to reference back to when needed. I remember (briefly) going over this stuff in high school, but because kids are supposed to pick up that these are geometry terms and they are the same prefix we did not cover them for a long period of time. I however, do not always remember these things and was never the greatest at math soooooo this is for me and the other children that cannot always remember how many feet are in each line.


Chelsea, I have trouble with remembering how many feet are in each line too. I was also bad a math! It's good to have a blog for a refrence.

Chelsea, this is a really helpful blog that I will probably reference many time in the future.

Chelsea, I think a blog that serves as both an agenda item and a reference point for later is a great idea. I should do something like that in the future if I come across something that I KNOW I'm going to need later.

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