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April 3, 2008

EL150: So this portfolio isn't bitter.

Portfolio 2 Assignment

In the last blogging portfolio I was super upset. I wasn't happy that I spend so much time on my blog and really no one ever commented...well my whinning paid off. (Who said that I don't always get what I want...liars.)

Anyway, moving on...for the porfolio - as some of you fine frequent readers of my blog know, is a chance for our class to put some entries that we have done since the last portfolio together and place them into categories. Those categories being coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth and discussion. Enjoy mine, as follows.


Coverage - Like the last portfolio, I think that I covered everything and to save us all some time, here is my page.

Timeliness - I'm not going to lie, I'm still sucking at getting my blogs in on time. However, ones that got in on time, and even BEFORE on time...wow Chels, anyway, on time entries are as follows.

Interaction - Entries that made me happy cause people gave comments!

Entries where I showed some love.

Depth - I think I did well with this section, I had a few deep, deep, whoa, deep down down (yeah that went on too long)...depth articles. 

Discussion - Some lovely discussions that were on my entires.

Some lovely discussions I was in on other's blogs.


I feel with this portfolio I've done very well. Not only did I take more time on my blogs and make them more indepth, but also I took more time commenting on my peers blogs. To really make this class and this little blogging system work that's what we really need to do and if it takes a few harsh words and some complaining to get there, well then so be it. We're only here for about another month, let's blog it up right! (Note the exclamation point in that last sentence....that means business.)

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