EL150: two boys = one girl

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Ender's Game by Orsan Scott Card

"The launch was no longer divided into Bernard's in-group and Ender's outcasts. Alai as the bridge." (pg. 62)

So I'm not a Science Fiction fan but I'm finding myself relating to characters in this book which normally means...I like what I'm reading, odd. Anyway, I can see myself as Alai because I am and have always been that kid that hangs out with everyone. I'm in with the "popular" kids and the "nerds." I think it's because I'm in everything, so I mix with different kinds of people and I'm able to relate to all of them. (I think if Alai was in the year 2008 he'd me like me, what a lucky boy!)

The second relation I see in this book and myself is in Ender. He has Peter (the strong/tough big brother) and Valentine (the compassionate big sister), while I've got Rich (the strong/tough dad) and Brenda (the compassionate mom). Ender is exactly in the middle with his siblings and made up of half of each of their traits. Chelsea is exactly in the middle with her parents and is made up of half of each of their traits. (My parents aren't as extreme as Peter and Valentine.) Anyway, though (and I must admit this because life in Ellwood gets boring and I know my parents frequently look at my blog) I am more noticeably like my father in the strong and smart-ass category, my mom's traits have been showing through more as I grow up, and I (here comes some crappy sap stuff) become more womanly and elegant like her.


So here's some math for ya'll.

 Ender + Alai = Chelsea

(6yrs. + 6yrs. = 18yrs.)

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Ally Hall said:

I also feel like I'm relateable to more types of people because in high school, I feel like I blended in with a larger group of friends. While I was a band geek, I was also with the "nerds" and I knew cheerleaders and football players and the artsy people. So maybe I'm like you as well.

(and you do know that 6+6 is 12, right? not 18? :P)

Katie Vann said:

I chose the same quote as you did CHelsea. I like how you compared youself to both Ender and Alai. I too find myself surprising liking this book because of how involved it becomes with the characters thoughts, traits, and emotions. Although it is a science fiction book, all the characters are very easy to relate and compare to.

Angela Palumbo said:

I don't know Chelsea...your math seems a little fuzzy to me! Last I checked, 6+6=not 18. I know what you mean about relating to Ender. I mean I relate in the genius category. lol. I kid, I kid. Serioiusly, I don't see myself in Ender a ton except that Ender was pushed to his limits and I feel like that's happening with me right now (with this research paper), sorry Dr. Jerz. :)
Anyway, Ender is a very sympathetic character, and I just want to take him up in my arms and tell him everything is going to be alright (even though it isn't).

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