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May 6, 2008

1 Samuel 12:24

I'm working at Jumonville this summer. I should be really, really excited. I'm nervous.

I love Jumonville and have been going to summer camp there since I was about eight years old. The camp has changed my life and re-invented me with every trip there. I used to count down the days in the summer until I could go to camp, and then cry basically the whole day when I had to come home. I love Jumonville.

I spent my 14th and 17th birthday at Jumonville, I made some of the best friends I have to this day there, I found God for the first time there, I found a reason to keep trucking time after time there, and now I get to work there. I get paid for doing something I love. But I'm more nervous about it then I ever thought possible.

Jumonville means so much to me, one of the reasons I picked Seton Hill was because it slightly reminded me of Jumonville's campus. That's actually the first thing my dad said when we were pulling up the Hill on move in day back in August, which was the first time that he saw Seton Hill.

But I'm scared that I won't be able to bring those same kind of memories to the campers I come in contact with. I can only go so far, I can only teach them the songs and lead them on the hikes and help them at the ropes course. I can only lead the Bible studies, and tell them about God and how important He really is. I cannot make them believe it all. That's where the kids turn into adults and make that big decision for themselves. I can only guide them, and I hope that I am able to do so. I'm nervous that the kids won't love Jumonville as much as I do after their week there. But that's where God takes over, and my work is left up to him.

I cannot believe that I have this chance to mold lives and help kids with such a big decision that is truely life changing. Granted I know not every single kid that comes to camp is going to be on fire for Jesus after they leave, but if I make an impact on one kid, I'll feel like I've done my job. I have always wanted this chance and now it's right infront of me. And I'm getting paid for this? I know I'm a privledged kid. I move in May 19th. Hazard Yet Forward, Chelsea.



"But be sure to fear the Lord and

serve Him faithfully with all your heart;

consider what great things He has done for you."


This sort of thing depends a lot on your faith tradition, but sometimes the real value of such a contact won't be the eternal show of enthusiasm (which might fade over time, or which might never be a part of a particular person's attitude), but an internal thought process, a way of responding to the world. You won't be a failure if you can't reconstruct in each kid the experience that was meaningful to you.

I'm sure there will also be more experienced camp counselors there, and I'm sure they would welcome your questions and they'd freely offer guidance.

As a teacher, I've had to adapt to meet the learning needs of students who approach knowledge in ways very different from me, and I think your role as a camp counselor will probably be more rewarding (and less stressful) if you follow the kids' lead, and take advantage of whatever training resources are available for you.

I just read your Jumonville entry. Each time we took you to camp you came back a new 'enhanced you'. When I dropped you off at Seton Hill in August I expected nothing less and you delivered. You did not dissapoint me. I have seen you push through this year with vigor, spirit and character. You have learned so much, academia-wise and people-wise.
When the kids new to Jumonville arrive and spend the week, they too will 'get it' after they witness the excitement and core faith you and the other staff members share.
This is a chance to 'give back' from your heart. I know you can name counselors who left lasting impressions on you,and there will be youth whom you reach and you may not even know it. Thats the wonder of God.
At Seton Hill and Jumonville you have been 'a light on a hill'. God works through you.
I can't wait to pick you up on Saturday. You have made me so proud!

OK....Embarrasing D-A-D comments turned back OFF

Awe pops you're a cute one! I can't wait to come home Saturday tooooo. Love you!

yay for JVILLE!
yay for working there.
i'm going to be working at JVILLE this summer too. i'm nervous and excited for it as well.
seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooon.

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