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May 2, 2008

EL150: This would be sentimental....

...but I've got two classes with Jerz next semester so just more and more blogging is to come!


Blogging Portfolio Three

Here we go around kiddos. The final blogging portfolio...until next semester. Like always this is the time when the class has their chance to put all their best posts together in a cute little format. We've only had two other portfolios this semester; one of which I was very bitter on, and the other that I was decently happy about. This one isn't bitter, or super excited, welcome to the happy medium blog portfolio folks.


Coverage - I've done decent with coverage, this time around I did miss two times to blog (I don't even remember why, but I missed them) So like the other portfolios, you could just check out my page to see all the goods I did do.

Timeliness - I feel that I've done the best with being on time this time around. Mostly because a lot of my blogs I did wayyyyy in advance just to get them out of the way so I wouldn't have to stress about them and my other work throughout the week. But the ones below are the ones that were the most timely.

Interaction - Okay, so putting my blogs in early helped with me receiving comments, but it made me forget to sometimes go back and comment on classmates blogs. But here's what I got.

My entries that got some lovin.

Entries where I gave some lovin.

Depth - I did decent in this area, the only book that I really liked that I could have any depth to it was Wit, and for some reason I can't work the link for that page (insert Chelsea pout face here) anyway, these ones were decent enough for this section.

Discussion - Because I was a slacker I didn't get involved in too many note-worthy discussions on my classmates blogs, but there were a couple started on my posts.

Overall, I've gotten a lot out of this class, if nothing else it was good to be in a class with such fun kids. The ideas people came up with (once we really got into the texts) were really interesting. And after hearing the final paper ideas from everyone in class, I think that everyone else got something out of EL150 as well. I'm kind of jealous of Jerz because he gets to read everyone's paper, because them all seemed like pretty decent ideas and they will probably all turn out pretty well - good luck kiddos and have a great and safe summer! <3

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I'm always glad to get feedback, particularly when it's about peer-peer interactions. That sort of thing just wasn't considered that important when I was an undergrad, so I have to make a conscious effort to include peer-peer methods in my teaching recipe book.

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