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May 31, 2008

i will stand for You

I love Jumonville. I love being on this staff. I adore this staff. This summer has already proven to be more amazing then I thought possible. I have made WONDERFUL friends with my fellow staffers and I know these relationships will last for a long time. I love these kids and I love what we're doing.

I cannot lie though, there are times and days where it is all too much, and I'm too worn down to fully function. Not just because I'm fighting off mono but just because this work is really draining. This week has been tough. Tuesday we spent the day at the low ropes course. We went on a 10 mile bike trip and 10 mile duckie boating trip at Ohiopyle, Wednesday, and a three hour canoe trip Thursday. On Friday we spent the entire day at the high ropes course and the sun has not been in everyone's favor during all these outings. Today though it was pouring and we were able to have a group of firefighters come in to use the adventure center and were able to teach them what to do in there and it was a great experience.

These weeks of training have been draining in many other aspects too. God is really moving among our staff and the campus is really becoming our home. There's a lot going on that I can not even begin to explain here, but it all has been a great growing experience and a great experience in general. I love being here - even though training is much harder than I even thought it would be. As a camper I never noticed all that the counselors go through and all that they really have to do. I'm so glad I have been given this opportunity.

I cannot wait for the campers to get here, I think I'll be more at ease and able to really find myself through them. I cannot wait for this summer to really get going and for this life to really be used for God. This will be a good summer. Though this is all much harder than I thought it would be, it is amazing and I would never trade these times for the world. For once, words are failing me and I am unable to explain how much I am in love with what all is happening right now. The friends, the bonds, the laughter, the work, the strength, the worship, the love, the talks, everything is amazing here...hard but amazing. This is the greatest "job" ever. This really is a ministry.

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Sounds like you're having a wonderfully enriching time. I'd love to hear about what's like when the campers arrive!

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