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June 7, 2008

The beginning of chaos and fun

Training just offically ended. For our last activity for training we had to facalitate groups through the low ropes course. My group was the youngest (6-8) which at the low ropes course people asume is the easiest group to work with, when really most people stray away from this group and use older kids because they are actually able to do the activities properly. Anyway, it was difficult because these kids are from a group that works with children that have lost a loved one and are in the grieving process, so they are not my campers and it was hard to really understand who these kids were from just knowing them for a short time. However, I feel that for such a young age we got through VERY well and they exceeded my expectations, so over all it was a great morning.

God is pretty awesome up here. So much spiritually is going on with each of our staff members and I cannot wait until tomorrow when campers come and we are able to share all of that love and grace with them so they can feel the same way about God. We have been using a great curriculum that focuses on some of the harder parables that Jesus told and gives us a lot of freedom to be able to disect each activity, or bible study or worship time to really get into the Word at every age level to make it understandable. It's a really great rescourse and I think that the kids will be able to get a lot out of it.

Jumonville has a tradition to do a camp wide worship service on ever Wednesday so that all the camps on site are able to have one big time to worship together, since the only time that all the camps are together is during meal times. So for this year the theme is focused around the whole bridegroom and Jesus idea so it's pretty intense. But I am so excited for it because as a camper Wednesday worship is what I really looked forward to, to see the staff get involved and God really move through everyone when everyone is together. (There are usually a lot of tears and random emotions with everyone there at these services.)

I'm really excited that this year since I'm on staff I can really be involved in this service. I will be doing a 10 minute long dance at the very beginning of worship. I am sooooooo excited to do it. I feel like though it's not all put together now, it will be great in time for Wednesday and that it will be a great way to get everyones attention right away. The song that the dance goes along with is so powerful. When the staff first heard it we all just sat there in awe and everyone had chills. I'm so glad that we'll be able to really bring the song alive even more with the dance too. I honestly cannot explain it, the song is just so powerful and I'm really privledged to get to open up worship with it each week. I really feel that I was leaving dance out of my life for awhile and that this will not only bring that back to me, but it will show the kids that there are a lot of other ways to use your gifts for God and to make it an offering for Him. I'm pretty pumped.

The first round of campers will be on their way by this time tomorrow and I cannot wait for them to arrive. My first camp is one of the many adventure camps that Jumonville holds through out the summer and is for 9-11 year olds. I'm really excited for the kids to get here so we can go on all the adventure courses here and make the fun trips to Ohiopyle, Coopers and Greenbrier. The week involves a lot of hiking, rock climbing, caving, canoes, and rafting along with all the other normal camping things like bible studies, worship, and cookouts, so it is sure to be a good week. Please keep the campers in your prayers that they all have a great time up here and that God is able to touch them in some way, through some activity while they are here. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!

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