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August 27, 2008

The news must go on

"When the time comes for you to walk away from it all, I hope you leave secure in the knowledge that people ill continue to sweat and toil over keyboards and continue to produce good journalism night after night so your campus can read it morning after morning." -Ed Ronco (The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, page 7)


Even though The Setonian doesn't come out every morning it's still nice to know that even after all of the staff now is gone, people will still be stressing out about deadlines, using creative layouts, gray scaling pictures and Typecraft business every couple of times per month. I wish them luck. I hope their paper is large, colorful and fresh weekly.


Don't say "good-bye" yet. You still have two more years left, sucka!

haha - I'm not saying goodbye Kayla, I'm pretending people will read my old blogs when I'm a big bad senior.

I have never worked in the professional world of it, but I would think that journalism does get hectic. The sweat and long hours are what gets deadlines made, dedication and devotion.

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