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September 29, 2008

A round of applause for eight, please.

In Crawford Kilian's Writing for the Web 3.0, chapter eight is beautiful. In this chapter it brings up many issues like:

  • words with complex, or multiple meanings
  • the elements of persuasion
  • how to be persuasive
  • legitimate appeals
  • propaganda
  • analyzing other websites

I liked this chapter because it brought up all the types of things that people do not usually want to talk about. I really appreciate that Kilian is not afraid to tell his reader's what they really need to know. I enjoy it a lot when a writer is not afraid of what they know and what they want to say and just let it out there in their work, so that it makes them more credible and their readers more informed.

Kilian does this through out the text but especially in chapter eight, he brings up the "non-fluffy issues" that not all writers would immediately bring up. Well done, sir.

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