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September 2, 2008

Can we put a recall on trolls?

TM8%20Russ%20troll%20small.jpgI remember getting troll dolls for every occasion as a small child. I don't even understand why, but I looooooved those things. (There is one pictured at left.) This is nothing like that. These trolls scare me. Is it even safe to say that? Do I really have to blog about this? I really just don't understand why people would go about doing this and really hurting people online. I never really understood why people hurt other people in the first place, let alone why/how people find it even more enjoyable online.

Though I must admit that it was a fascinating article and was really interesting how people go about doing this and how they rack up points or "lulz" for it all, it kind of made me nervous about what this world is coming to, and made me think twice before posting this blog.

I mean it all seems interesting and could possibly be useful if used in certain situations, but is it really healthy to sit around and ruin other people's lives all day? Is that even fair if you're the hacker and you know so much more than your prey does about the internet? I think that's like being the big sixth grader picking on the first grader during recess. Why am I relating everything back to childhood...maybe that's where it all gets started?


These "trolls" have nothing better to do with their lives besides trying to ruin others who might have offended them in the past. These trolls are kind of like terrorists of the internet in the idea that they are trying to ruin others lives with damaging gossip and information.

It is people like the trolls who are making the internet a more fearful place to communicate and interact with others without worrying about if someone is hacking into this conversation and spill this out to the rest of the world.

I like the connection between trolls and terrorists. In reality, that's what they do: terrorize the innocent that may be taking advantage of the Internet for useful purposes. I get frustrated when I think about things like this, but, as Chelsea said, what they do is very interesting and perhaps could be used for good purposes as well.

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