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September 13, 2008

EL227 summed up in one sentence

"Clear, succinct, informative prose-that's what newswriting is all about" (The Student Newspaper Survival Guide 40).

Chapter 5 was beautiful. I was reminded of my first semester at SHU and my first real look at how a news article is supposed to work. It was a good experience just now, reading this chapter.

I'll get off my soapbox now. Anyway, this really is newswriting. In EL 227 that is what we learned...how to write and how to get your stories jammed packed with information, and still be short. I remember a lot of talks about "cutting out the fluff" and not writing like high school English teachers wanted us to, all those years.

Also on this page is a lovely drawing of the inverted pyramid, much better than the one I drew in my notebook, oh so long ago. Though I cannot say that I have to seriously think of "how" to write a news article, this chapter was a good refresher and would be good as a handout in EL 227. This is exactly how newspapers operate and how The Setonian functions in general.


Oh yes, I remember the fluff. My first semester stories were full of it. Thank god the days when I would pump my stories full of 50 or 60 extra words to make the article the required word count. I definately think this book should be a required text for newswriting. It seems basic to us now, but think about a year or two ago when we were all clueless.

HAHAHA I totally agree...memories indeed. This did bring up a lot of things that we learned in Newswriting. Some I remembered...some I didn't haha. But it was a nice refresher.

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