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September 21, 2008

Email hacked by college student

Current Event Topic: Sarah Palin's email is hacked into and nothing confidential is found.

Wow, we're you honestly expecting something that terrible? Sarah Palin, who is John McCain's running mate for the 2008 presidential election, had her email hacked into by, what is currently being said to be, Democratic State Rep. Mike Kernell's 20 year old son, David.

David is a student at the University of Tennessee and allegedly hacked into Palin's personal email account and posted the user name and password on a blogging website.

The hacker was said to have gone into Palin's email account after the media disclosed e-mail indicating Palin’s administration used private e-mail accounts as a way to work outside Alaska’s Open Records Act.

Though Palin's email, which is apparently run through a Yahoo account is said to have had nothing worthy of special interest, the case is still under investigation to see if David is really the person that hacked into the email account and "tricked Yahoo." Since the hacker was in an anonymous group on 4chan, an image-based bulletin board, where anyone can post anything.

On 4chan, the anonymous setting enables users to work as trolls and cause chaos in anyone's life; and on that day, it was Sarah Palin's life, and her and McCain's campaign that were chaotic. 

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The last point you made was particularly strong. Yes, trolls do cause problems but sometimes it is a chaos that they bring about in another person's life. It not only affects the individual who was trolled, but those around him or her. In this case, Sarah Palin's unfortunate event affected the campaign of her and McCain.

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