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September 23, 2008

Hold on to your socks Batman!

Oh man, I've been blogging a lot recently, you should know what this means...Blogging Portfolio time! ::Takes a deep breath:: Doesn't it feel wonderful to be back in the old swing of things...yes, indeed it does.

Alright, enough tacky introduction to get people to pay attention to my blog...let's get down to business. In this portfolio I will show some of my "best work" that I have done for this class. (EL236: Writing for the Internet) The categories are; coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth and discussion. Now let's bring out the winners...


Coverage - This category is supposed to show that I've done all the blogging. I did that, so instead of just showing you a long list of links to every entry, you can just browse through yourself. I think that I've been doing well with coverage this year, compared to last year. I know before that I wasn't into the blogging thing very much and slacked off a bit here and there, but this year I have turned over a new leaf. I blog, and I do so often.


Timeliness - Along with getting the assignments done, I have been able to get them done and in with great timing. Though my mom always said that I'll be late to my own funeral, which this still probably holds true, at least my blog will be up to date. Some examples of when I proved that statement...


Interaction - Well, I cannot take all the credit for people giving me comments, I mean there has to be some other reason besides my good looks and charm that bring people wandering to my site (considering you cannot see me while reading my entries) Maybe it's the cute sayings I put on the course website or maybe it's the clever titles of my blogs.(But those would fall under my charm I think.) Hmm...maybe it is just me. ;) Here are some entries where people came over to visit...


Depth - I don't think I ever do depth very well. I never actually think, 'oh I need a deep entry soon, I'm going to have a blogging portfolio due soon.' So if I get into depth, it's by pure accident, but I guess that sometimes that's where the best work comes from.


Discussion - As well as depth, I think that I could be doing better in this section as well. Because just like the depth thing, this doesn't happen on purpose either. I don't go out searching for good entries by classmates, I go out looking for something to actually comment on, without feeling redundant.


Hmm...not too bad for the first blogging portfolio of the year.

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