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September 28, 2008

Media Lab take two

When we started this new year, the Setonian started off early. Through a summer issue and an early welcome back issue, it was easy to see that the news must go on through out the year, so while Seton Hill just gets settled in, the Setonian is already on the stands.

Through the moving up into a new class this year, I can see that I have easily changed roles. Last year, I was the do what everyone needs freshman, now I am the help the paper as best as possible sophomore. Through this I have gained some "buddies" with new students that want my help and upperclassmen that know they can count on me.

Also, through my first year at SHU I tried to became as involved as possible and the Setonian has helped me to do that networking a lot easier. Through the Setonian I am able to interview people and get to know about different things on campus, before they happen, or in depth that other people that don't even know about. This has really helped because I can take what I'm doing in clubs and make those into story pitches and also, get to know more people so story ideas come easier to me because I know more about my campus through them. Which is a great feeling.

In Media Lab this time around we are using a grea book, The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, and even though some of it is old news to most of us, because we've been in this program for awhile now, it is a great tool to have and use for the Setonian. I wish that in EL227 - Newswriting we had this book, because it would have been much more helpful then, with that class being focused on the introduction to Journalism, but it is still useful now because it can give us tips and pointers that we might be over looking.

Now I feel like the paper version of the Setonian is under control and we all know where we fit in and what we can do to make it better. I think that now we need to focus on revamping the Setonian Online to be just as good as the print version.

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