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September 23, 2008

Orientation: Web-style

Writing for the Web 3.0 seems to be a very helpful book so far. I like that it's an easy read and it isn't dry and boring like other web-making books seem to be, and I really like how the author splits up each main idea, within the chapters, to make everything make more sense and make it easier to follow along with.

But what I like most about it is that it's straight forward. These two quotes from chapter 3 are what stood out most for me.

"..the front page of your site should orient your readers by telling them - what the site is about, how it is organized and how to navigate it." (page 20) 

"So put yourself in your readers' shoes: If you were a stranger arriving at you own site, would you feel as if the site's creator had made a special effort to make life easy for you?" (page 24)

I like these two quotes because even though they are both like, "duh" moments, it's the kind of thing that I think writers forget about the most. Which is weird because they are both about the reader, and shouldn't the writer always have the reader in the front of their mind? I would think so, but I like that the author puts that out there.

It is clear that the author of this book is doing just what he is telling us to do and that is to always keep the reader in mind first, so that everything is understandable and clear to them.  

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The book is easy to read and it is straightforward. I, too, really enjoy that about the book. I don't find myself dozing or losing my place in the confusion of long, meaningless words.

I like that you commented on the book in general and the information in specific. Yes, the book seems to be very helpful so far. And while the book contains a few "duh" moments, as you so eloquently phrased it, those moments are big helpers because they do contain what we would most likely forget.

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