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September 18, 2008

Poor little Smiley

"The irony is, Net culture was unusually literate. The pioneers of the Net were hackers, people who routinely spend twelve to sixteen hours a day editing text, and whose favorite leisure-time activity is inhaling fantasy and science fiction novels by the pallet load. These people are no strangers to words." -Neal Stephenson

In this article Neal brings up some very good points. I picked the quote above because I like his example. It is very ironic that people that are extremely literate are the ones that sit in front of a computer all day, and some of those same people are the ones that needed a way to dicipher whether or not someone was being sarcastic online or not. The people that understand language the most, need the most help in this area, is what I feel he is saying.

That idea is a little disheartening. I like it because it's true, but it kind of makes me wonder. Like if those kinds of people cannot figure out how certain messages are supposed to be taken over internet messaging then how are we supposed to do so? Like I said in the entry right before this one, I HATE internet conversation because you can never tell what the other person is trying to really say to you...this just proves my point.

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I think there is a difference between language and speech, which is what I think the quote is about. There's that physical aspect that is missing from the words found on the internet and in those sci-fi books. I believe I said in my blog that people don't talk the way they write.

Internet conversation is fine between you and your friend who lives a couple of doors down, but it is not okay (in my opinion) when you are talking about a serious subject. Things are misinterpreted, smiley or no smiley. For all you know, the smiley could be inserted as a type of sarcasm.

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