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September 28, 2008

Setonian Online = revamping time

I feel like the Setonian Online can be a prime example for the quote I picked out in chapter two of The Elements of Online Journalism.

"There are two levels of a multimedia story: Basic and advanced. The basic level includes a headline, text, picture, graphic, and related links. The more advanced level carries the following added features: audio, video, slide shows, animation, interactive features, and interactive games."

Right now I feel like the Setonian Online is in the basic stage, but I think that very soon we can move that to become at the advanced level. Currently, there is little "life" on the online version of the paper, which makes it, to me, just the paper online. I think that the idea is to get it to be something extra, like an added bonus onto what we already have. Though Jeremy has done a great job of updating the online version, it still needs something.

The paper version of the Setonian is pretty damn good, if I say so myself and I know we have the talent and the right students to bring the online version to be just as good.

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