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September 28, 2008

Snips of chapters

I know we're only supposed to pick out what we thought was the most relevant part of The Student Newspaper Survival Guide (Chapters 6-9) but this book is so packed with information that I felt that was too hard to do. So I'm giving the samples of what caught my attention the most in each chapter. Hold one tight...

Chapter 6 - The Lifestyle pages

  • "...more than any other second, the lifestyle pages in a student newspaper should be relevant, edgy and fresh." Though the Setonian does not have a set aside section for the "lifestyle pages" I think that the entire paper can serve as this purpose and that every page in it should be relevant, edge and fresh.
  • Confessions of a sex columnist. This would be an interesting column in the Setonian, a Catholic University's newspaper. I think it would certainly bring in more readers, but I don't know if that's all we're looking for. And even though when my roommates and I took the Facebook "Which Sex and the City Character Are You?" quiz, I ended up with Carrie...I don't think I could sanely hold this position down.
  • "Finally, read, read, read. Read The New York Times. Read The Washington Post. Read Smithsonian magazine. Read People. Read everything." I think this is a great quote from Josie Roberts and something we always have to remember.

Chapter 7 - Sportswriting

  • "Good sports stories not only inform and entertain, they help build a sense of community on campus." I like this quote because it makes me feel like my current position on the paper isn't worthless. Sometimes I feel like Sports Editor of the Setonian means nothing because a good chunk of the staff doesn't really care about sports or the section. But this quote makes it feel like it's all worth it, because sporting events make community, we report that and make a better community.
  • Sports Profiles. I just did my first sports profile on one of the football captains, Andrew Demase, whom I've actually known for quite awhile. I really enjoyed writing the profile because it showed not only whoever picks up the paper a different side of him, but it even showed me a different side of him.
  • "...post game stories on your newspaper's Web site. Brief reports on games and with photos..." Why didn't I think of this before? I think this would be a great idea, especially because the Setonian does not come out that often. Not only would this be good for the Sports Section, but it could also be helpful for the Setonian Online.

Chapter 8 - Arts and Entertainment Writing

  • "If your arts and entertainment section is any good, the savvy students will depend on your paper to find out what's hot and what's not." I think the Setonian has this covered.
  • This section of the book was relatively short and I really think that the Setonian has this section down to an art. (Ha, lame pun.)

Chapter 9 - Opinion Pages

  • Like the Arts and Entertainment section, I think the Setonian has enough opinion section to go around as well. We've got this covered.
  • Writing an Editorial. "It's easy to have an opinion; it takes hard work to have a reasoned opinion." "Before you site down to write an editorial, gather your facts." I think this is helpful to any opinion or editorial writer, it's not as easy at it seems. I'm sure that we don't have that big of a problem with this in the Setonian, but it's always good to keep this in mind when writing.


The end.

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