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September 29, 2008

So I'm a "Blender Blog" too

I did something that I rarely ever do when blogging for class, which is read other classmates entries before writing my own. But since it is early, I only found Andy's blogs done for class on Wednesday.

So before writing my own blog and before even reading the text; I read Andy's entry about Chapter 7 in Writing for the Web 3.0 first. In his entry he came up with the idea of a Blender Blog, which is a mixture of all of the categories of blogs that Kilian writes about in his book.

Andy's idea was that we as students do not always fit into one specific category of blogging because our blogs are a mixture of different things as they are and need to be categorized in that way. (Kind of like throwing all of the categories into a blender and getting our blogs when you're done mixing all of those categories together.)

I like this idea a lot, so I'm stealing it. (But note that I give credit where credit is due...Andy.) Moving on, I think my blog fits into each of these categories in different ways, here is how:

The Personal Blog

  • Kilian writes that a personal blog could be written either introverted or extroverted. And like I am in person, I think my blog is as well. I tend to be more extroverted, but often I am introverted as well, without really meaning to be. I feel that my blog is like that as well. Sometimes I'm all about letting whoever my reader is, come into my world, my life and other times I'm doing something as an assignment and I don't put my face, or my life experiences into it.
  • I like to make my class blogs grab the reader, also making my blog altogether my personalized.

Job Blogs

  • Kilian writes that a job blog is a focus on events at work. I can take this in two ways.
  • Currently I'm a full-time student, so my homework is my job. So my blog could go under this category because of that.
  • Also, I am now a writing/web design intern for the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education that is on campus and for them I do a lot of blogging under my own name, so since that is also part of my "job" my blog can fall under this category.

Specialist Blogs

  • In Kilian's book, he says that this category is a "community of interest," and I took that meaning the same way Andy did; as in our current class.
  • So my blog is in this category because sometimes I am blogging for EL236 - a community (class) that is interested in Writing for the Internet and also for EL200 - a community (class) that is interesting in the New Media Journalism major, and my blogging is based on the current interests that are developed in each of those classes.

News Blogs

  • "A news blog may be part of the online service of a print newspaper or a broadcaster's website," (127).
  • Though I do not directly put my work onto the Setonian Online, you will see that I have contributed to that blogging site through my work with the paper version of the Setonian.

Advocacy Blogs

  • Kilian writes that advocacy blogging is arguing a case for a group, movement or philosophy.
  • Though I do not feel like I am arguing while doing so, when I blog for the Admissions Blog for Student Ambassadors, I am advocating to prospective students why to come to Seton Hill and what I like and what I go through day to day here at SHU.


So sorry, Kilian, but like most things I don't fit into one select category. 


I think the idea of a blender blog could apply to almost any blog - students, teens, adults, anyone! People are never one dimensional, so their outlets (blogs, in this case) aren't either. Kilian mentions this fact in passing, that "categories of blogs often overlap" (128), but you add some needed emphasis to the point. And I think that not only do blogs often overlap, but they usually overlap. But, for the purposes of discussion and review, it makes it easier to approach the subject of blogs from the point of view of nice, neat, compartmentalized categories.
We sometimes do the same thing to people...but that's a whole different issue!

I like your in-depth take on this idea Chelsea. Yes, Kilian did say that blogs often overlap in these areas, however most blogs ususally fall into one main category and may possibly overlap with another. I feel that our blogs here at SHU don't have one main category to fall into, so therefore they are a complete mixture of all of the categories, not just a spill over from another one.

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