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September 1, 2008

Teachers Gone Wild: Coming to a classroom near your child soon!

Cough, ummm...wow. I thought this only happened in the classy town that I come from. But according to the Washington Post Article it's happening more and more often.

The part that I have to say that I enjoyed the most is that these young teachers didn't think their pages would be found. (Honestly, are you dumb?) There's a way to get around anything on the web, lame excuse...come up with something more creative please. I don't understand how people will just post ANYTHING on the web either. I know that if my name is on something I'm making sure that if anyone that wouldn't normally stop by my site doesn't think that I'm just another "stupid teenager."

It said in this article that during an interview, the teachers were asked if they had a Facebook of Myspace profile and if they did the interviewer brought it up right there. This actually happened to me at my most recent job interview. When I was at the interview to become a camp counselor at Jumonville for the summer, they asked each of us what they would find if they went to our Facebook pages. Most of the kids gave they "Oh crap" face and others said they didn't have a Facebook profile (Even though I'm sure that's not true for the majority of those kids.) while I said the truth. You'll find a lot of pictures of me being a ham. (Because you will.) There are MANY pictures of me making weird faces, being obnoxious and giving that peace sign/winky face thing that everyone does. But NEVER will anyone find something that could make me lose my job or to make someone even think about not hiring me over. Because it's not there. I'm a fun kid, but I'm not wild, and even if I was, I wouldn't be dumb enough to display it on my Facebook page. 

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That whole "Do you have a facebook?" interview process seemed so 1984 for some reason. I could probably argue both sides of it, though. An employer has a right to know exactly the sort of person they're going to be hiring. But at the same time, I think they're kind of stepping into an area that isn't really their business (assuming nothing illegal is going on).

People do need to understand that nothing on the internet is private. If someone is going to be crass, or just stupid, then he should set his profile to friends-only. That really does seem to be a difficult concept for some people.

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