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September 23, 2008

Well that sounds familiar...

This quote from "Writing for the Web 3.0" reminds me of when we first got a computer when I was little and how I am now. I remember always being too impatient when we got out first computer because it took so long for anything to load onto it. Now I get impatient if the screen doesn't pop up right away. This is so true...

"We used to call it the World Wide Wait, because the primitive dial-up systems of the 1990s were so slow to load pages. Many users in those days would set their browsers to ignore the graphics, since these are always the slowest items to load.

That impatience is still with us. But now we're impatient to get right to the material we came looking for, and we're likely to hit the Back button if the page doesn't come up right that instant." (page 7)

I know that I always got in trouble because I'd click and click and click until the screen I wanted came up. (I know probably making the problem worse.) And now I instantly click the Back button to find a different page if something doesn't show up within one second. Oy vay, computers do make us impatient. This could cause a problem.

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Oh god, I remember that awful dial-up sound. And the days when the internet wasn't useable because people in the neighborhood were on the phone.

speaking of impatience and stupid computers, internet explorer has decided to hate me. Not only will it not publish my portfolio, but I have to open 5 windows before I can even get one working. Then I have a million (not responding) windows at the bottom of the screen. Ah, I guess nothing is perfect.

and no, I don't want to send an error report.

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