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September 1, 2008

What the $#@!

After reading the Writing Effective Email list, I feel like I knew all of these things but the part that stood out to me the most was number five; Be kind. Don't flame.

It might have been because the title was kind of catchy and I wanted to read on about it. But I paid the most attention to this section. I don't feel that I've ever sent an email that was rude or had terrible language in it, but I know that there are times when I want to. This section I think had cute ideas about how to hone in that anger before you find yourself sending an email that makes you look bad.




I know I've found myself in a few situations where I get pretty "heated" and upset in e-mails. I like the tips that the reading gave though, like print the e-mail out and put it on your door. Then walk away from it and come back. Imagine that it was posted by the watercooler at work and everyone would be able to read it. This approach seems like it would take away alot of that anger that sometimes sends us into disillusionment.

Catchy titles. I need to find some creativity like that in my brain.

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