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September 18, 2008

Why so serious?

I liked this article. 

"Various “joke markers” were suggested, and in the midst of that discussion it occurred to me that the character sequence :-) would be an elegant solution - one that could be handled by the ASCII-based computer terminals of the day. So I suggested that. In the same post, I also suggested the use of :-( to indicate that a message was meant to be taken seriously..." -Scott Falham

Scott seems like a clever individual. I like the idea of using the smiley face to mark the articles to be taken seriously or not, because it is hard to understand someone's tone, or meaning over the internet, and when talking to them online. That is why I HATE having serious conversations online, because you cannot tell what the other person is really saying to you if you cannot look them in the eye and see what their facial expressions are, or what their body language is telling you. You cannot get any real conversation from talking online, because those subtle, but very serious and very real conversation cues have to be shown in person. The original use of the smiley was a fantastic idea.

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I agree with your accessment of online communication to some degree. In e-mails or longer writing I can usually convey enough tone that the reader can understand my meaning. I also tend to write tons on instant messengers. I'm on MSN right now and I have a dozen messages in our conversation to her five. Through writing more, I can convey all the necessary nuances.

This said, having actual conversations through text messages really bothers me. When limited to 160 characters, and only two digits to type with, it gets a bit challenging to convey real meaning. It seems like talking would be easier.....ESPECAILLY given that I already have a phone in my hand.

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