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October 5, 2008

"Chasing me all around, leading me all around in circles..."

I was speechless for once when doing this assignment, so I have to admit that I think I'm only able to get it because I first looked at Jackie's response. (Thanks friend!)

My feelings:

I always want to be the one in the class that figures this stuff out, so I literally followed it through until I had clicked on all of the links. It got me nowhere. The University of Yellow Wallpaper confused me like no other. (I did skim though some of the pages though, so that could be a factor too.) Needless to say, I was led in circles for a good while.

Reading this reminded me of those mystery books where at the bottom of each page it says "continue reading or go to page (insert # here)" and the story is able to pick up either way and it makes sense in whichever way you take it. Though this didn't make complete sense, it reminded me of that because you choose where you go and which story path you are taking.

Close Reading:

Caroline E. White, author of The University of Yellow Wallpaper, puts hypertext to work in her book online, allowing the reader to take their own course through the book and the site as they chose which phrases to click on and which paths to take through hypertext.

Though readers will fall upon some of the pages more than once, the story is able to continue through the use of different hypertext that is shown on most of the pages of text. A main theme that reoccurs throughout the reading is the present time, and the present time being a gift to those who notice it.

Through the use of hypertext and linking to certain pages, White is able to show her readers the present time more than once and target that point home while the reader again and again stumbles upon it.



PS - bonus points for the first person to say who sang the words of my title. 

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