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October 8, 2008

Growing Up Bloggy

For the second part of Portfolio Two for EL 236, I don't feel like I've learned all that much, I feel that I've observed more so this time around. This time around I see that I put more depth into more entries and that I commented and credited other people's ideas more than I have in the past, but also, for really a first time in a while, I haven't received comments like I would've liked to or thought I would get, that makes me sad. (Where is the love - Black Eyed Peas)

Like any portfolio the basics are Coverage, Timeliness, Interaction, Depth and discussion 0 here's how I fit in this time around.

Coverage - I missed two entries during the Kilian cycle of readings. I don't believe in going back and doing them, because the class discussion time has past, the ideas have been blogged about, I missed it. My fault, clearly - but going back to make up for it now seems pointless to me. Other than those two, I got them all.

Timeliness - I actually did good on this one for once. I got at least five entries in on my standards of timeliness, which is actually more strict than Jerz's timeliness standards, so I feel like that is something to be decently proud of.

Interaction - This is where I'm a little disapointed. I thought that I would get many more comments than I did, though I got the ocassional comment here and there, I feel that some of them were just to fill the requirement and some were just lacking. But here are entries that I'm going to be decently happy with.

Depth - Usually this section is not one of my strong points, but I think it will clearly stand out from the crowd this time around. I don't know if I meant to (I doubt that) but I got deep this time on a lot of entries and I'm pretty proud of that too I guess.

Discussion - Like Depth, I think I did pretty bag-up in this section too, which is unsual as well. I not only left good comments but I linked to classmates blogs in my on entries as well.

Where I gave comments for further discussion

Where I linked to others on my blog


To sum it up, my blog gets, in my opinion, more professional and people shy away. Hmm...


Yes, I'd like to see more comments, too, but you've got an impressive array of blogging here, Chelsea. Good work -- and posted so early!

very nice Chelsea. I'm going off some of your style for mine:)

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