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October 7, 2008

Literature: Out of the box and the book

Electronic Literature is not my best friend today. Some of these really made my headache much worse...not fun. Here are four that didn't drive me totally crazy.

  1. Faith - Just like in real life, faith and logic are clearly not the same thing and one is unable to become the other. At the beginning of this electronic literature example, faith resists the word logic and in doing so forms the five different elements of this poem. Each time the element that comes next always forms through the use of the other elements means. The text either stretches or condenses to let the rest of the text for the next element take over and become a new idea, in the end showing what faith really is. (I liked this one because it takes an old as time word, faith, and puts a new and dramatic twist on it.)
  2. Code Movie 1 - Using the idea of coding to make something on a computer work and kicking it up a notch to show the viewer the different aspects of coding and how you can manipulate it so that it works for you. This Electronic Literature doesn't actually use any words until the very end and is able to show that the hexadecimal code of JPG images as a signifier by itself. (This one was really interesting and I hit "play again" over and over because it was so fun to watch and pick up on different things each time. It took an idea that not too many people understand and made it really fresh.)
  3. Inanimate Alice, Episode 1: China - This piece of Electronic Literature is a young girl telling of her life and her day as she goes through it, through her "ba-xi" her source of technology and communication. Though it tells of a story that is about her family being uneasy and her father going missing, the young girl is still calm with her ba-xi and does not worry about the situation at hand until her ba-xi is taken away. Showing how much technology is becoming more and more important to people, especially children, today. (I enjoyed this a lot because it held my attention to continue on because it was through the child's perspective, which is a not so common way of looking at things. Even though I'm confused by the ending, I loved the story and how it was told.)
  4. Dawn - Combining audio, photographs and text to display personal thoughts about a dying father and religious and philosophical statements through a poem, all while displaying beautiful nature scenes and crackling sound. (This was sweet and simple, I liked that it had a relaxing and calm feel to it, even while hitting you with some tough and ideas that would require some deep thinking.)   

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