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October 16, 2008

I love Griffin Football

Maybe it's because I've watched one of the captains, Andrew DeMase, play football since we were little, or because of their current 7-0 record, or because they are a true "fairy-tale" story for football, but I LOVE Griffin Football. I've always been proud of this Hill and had school spirit, even when a lot of others didn't seem to feel the same - but now I really am proud to say "I go to Seton Hill" and "I know the boys on that field." This team has really been able to turn a young (4-year old) program around to something great. And a lot of thanks should go to Joel Dolinski. With this year being his first year as head coach, he's been able to lead this team to winning more games so far in one season than they have in the past three years combined. And he's been able to help turn these boys into men - you can tell their attitudes have changed and that they're a closer team and more appreciative of what SHU offers them.


Make the nation see this change and see who has helped make it possible. 

VOTE - Division II - Joel Dolinski

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