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October 23, 2008

Jobs in Multimedia

In our reading for Media Lab, The Elements of Online Journalism, in chapter eleven it talks about the kinds of jobs in multimedia - let's examine.

Graphic Designer - Able to design logos, banners and text for websites. I think I could do this, I'm really interested in this field and probably would have picked it as my major had I not picked one coming into school. But I'm thinking of picking it up as a minor, we'll see.

Online Producer - Someone who has a background in journalistic reporting...well that's easy.

Content Editor - Must have strong copy editing skills. Uh, check - I got this.

Database Editor - Someone that is good at crunching numbers. I'll leave this one to someone else.

Programmer - No, no, no - not for me.

Web Designer or Multimedia Producer - This person puts all the elements together. Well, this is clearly my calling.


I think I'm set, I'll find something to do (if it doesn't involve numbers or programing) so, career options I guess...easily do-able.

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Thanks for the history lesson Mr. Peabody. Ha! It was a good blog.

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