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October 23, 2008

Photojournalism and Design

The Student Newspaper Survival Guide

In chapter 12 and 16 they talk about what I like most about newspapers. Oddly enough, for how much I love to write - I like newspapers to be more visual....that's my learning style kicking in though I guess.

Photojournalism is something I've always been really interested in because in newpapers I feel that the stories a so watered down, that it's the pictures that really save the paper. The photos are the part that bring out the emotion and energy - which is wonderful.

Also, design is wonderful! I love that the Setonian is open to using out of the box ideas in designing so our younger, more visual audience will be more led to pick up a paper and read it front to back, instead of skimming the headlines.

I think this is way I'd rather be in magazine writing, because magazines really play around with these two elements - which are my favorite parts of journalism.


I'm not so much into design as I am into the actual content, but pictures are necessary. They can shock you awake. They say what cannot be said.

most of all, they add humanity to the bland appearance of newsprint.

I agree. I like the more artsy side of journalism. It's endless. You can do almost anything graphically to spice up a bland story.

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