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October 5, 2008

The joys of being an editor

In Chapter 10 of The Student Newspaper Survival Guide the main idea is the editors.

Nice. This chapter showed me a lot of what I'm doing right and wrong and how to improve in both aspects. I liked that it could make sense for a small or large scale of a student paper and also points out some things that the Setonian can work on.

Being an editor is actually easier than I thought it would be last year when I took on the position, but there are always times that I know I'm not at my best just because I'm a student before I'm an editor and that comes in to play during some production weeks. (Like the one that is going on now.)

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I just suffered from that same problem. I just write an article. What I thought was good turned out bad. Being an editor for the Setonian is a good learning tool, but it does have its ups and downs. The job is time consuming and involves tedious work. A writer may overlook some simple rules of journalism and BAM! it all blows up in their face. An editor's sole focus should be on the newspaper, not elsewhere.

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