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October 5, 2008


Don't lie, the only time you like commercials are during the Super Bowl. Well, I feel like advertisements are commercials in print. However, there is one exception. Magazine ads are fun so they can stay; all the others get on my nerves. (And I guess I like commercials during the Super Bowl too, guilty.)

Anyway the point is, for our reading out of The Elements of Online Journalism the part that struck me the most was the part about advertisements

"Ads should not take over the content of your page. Banner ads should be placed either on top, bottom, or the right side of the screen."

I don't really see this as becoming that big of a problem with the Setonian Online, but I think that is one thing the print version is terrible at. I have to admit I despise a half page ad, no matter who it is from and where it is in the paper. I understand the need for them, but I hate them. Umm, I'm done ranting.


I do not feel that it is necessary for an ad to cover an entire page. That is just riduculus. I understand that agencies pay a lot for ads as they want them to be seen, but an entire page? That is overkill.

yeah, the print ads are an issue, Of course, if we had more writers, this wouldn't be an issue. When will the vicious cycle end?

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