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November 6, 2008

Hit the easy button

On Wikipedia I edited the page about Jumonville, the summer camp that I worked at this past summer for our class project.

Because we were told to pick a subject we knew a lot about and since I have known about Jumonville since I was eight, I figured that would be a good site to look at. I have to say that I was pretty disapointed when I went there and found that barely anything was on the page.

Not really knowing where to start, I just went to Jumonville's website and copied what they had to say - but I gave them proper credit, so no plagiarism was involved - I take no credit for writing what the Wikipedia site says now, all I did was upload it.

I also added a picture...but sometimes it doesn't show up. (Insert sad face here.)

Everything on the editing page was fairly easy to use though, I felt that it was like creating a blog page - so it wasn't too hard to use, which is nice so people can edit pages easily - but that's also bad because that means that anyone can change and alter the information - whether it's true or not.

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I found the edit page very similar to Moveable Type as well, just with a couple more fancy formatting options. I was kind of surprised that after I finished adding an entirely new section to the Les Miserables (musical) page, that the section I created showed up as normally as the others. The only kind of tricky part was wading through all the HTML commands and deciding where to put your addition.

The information I added to the two articles was knowledge I had gained while experiencing the two subjects, so I don't think that counts as "original research".

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