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November 6, 2008

They look for serious in these parts

I have to say that I was pretty impressed when reading "the rules" of Wikipedia. I liked that whoever wrote it was really serious about it, but still made using and editing Wikipedia really inviting - like a fun little social that anyone is allowed to attend. (How cute!)

I really was impressed with the Five Pillars and Key policies and guidelines pages because of how offcial and professional they both made Wikipedia sound. Which made me think about the article we read about how Wikipedia is becoming credible.

Though both of these "rules" pages seemed very professional there was still one thing that bothered me about them, which was at the bottom of each page was the edit link, that you can find at the end of every page on Wikipedia. Though I guess this is useful - who wrote these pages? The creators of Wikipedia - or some random users. For me, to feel like Wikipedia is a creditable source, they'll need to get rid of that edit link - especially on the pages that are supposed to display the rules for all of Wikipedia's users.


"[…] who wrote these pages? The creators of Wikipedia - or some random users[?]"

Has it yet occurred to you that, in the majority of cases, the "creators of Wikipedia" are the "random users"?

To address your comment more informatively: while anyone can edit these pages, only those changes which are accepted by the community actually remain. Changes which are nonsense or arbitrary simply get reverted. Also, people may want to add links to other policies and guidelines, copyedit the prose, or add a useful (or intelligently humorous :) ) image—such changes are better than harmless and disallowing them is counterproductive.

What I meant by creators was the person (or people) that actually made Wikipedia...not the people that edit it daily. (I would call those people editors - considering, that's what they're doing.)

Using the word creator gives the meaning of the person that physically sat down and said this would be a good idea - and typed out the html coding to make Wikipedia.

An editor would be someone that fixes or changes a work that was already made by someone else. (That someone else being the creator.)

So in this case an editor (or random user) has nothing to do unless a creator has already come along and made something for the editor to use.

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