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November 6, 2008

We're rivals everywhere

When comparing the Seton Hill Wikipedia site and the St. Vincent Wikipedia site - I found myself saying "we're better," for a couple of things - showing that I still see us as rivals.

While I thought that both sites gave good brief over-views of the colleges, I still think that SHU's was better - but of course I have a biased opinion. I liked that SVC's site had more intimate things like the part about the "Crazies" (even though I think that is disrespectful) it made their site feel more like a student wrote it - where as SHU's site sounds like a brochure.

Both are decent Wikipedia sites. But both could have A LOT more thought put into them. They both sound like someone was just getting something onto the web - instead of really digging into the facts and the personal side of the schools.

Even if we're not in the same level of on-field competition anymore...we're still rivals - now it's just on and off of the internet.

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We had a better site not because we may (or may not be, I've never been to St V's)be a better institution, but because our article was more informative. There is evidence that the article has been updated with concern to major school news-There is a paragraph about LECOM. Our site had information on graduate degree AS WELL AS information about sports teams. But it's not perfect. Let's see some more information about academics, because that is a university's primary function. I saw nothing on St. V's article site about the kinds of programs they offer.

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