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January 8, 2009

I Will Waste My Life

I've been listening to a lot of Misty Edwards' music recently. If you have not heard of her, she is a Christian singer/songwriter and I personally think that she's really different than anything else in that category.

I guess she would really be considered Christian Indie. But she is a worship leader at IHOP (International House of Prayer...I thought it was Praise, but looked it up for the sake of right-ness in my entry and it is Prayer. Either way, I would still like to go there someday.)

Anyway, I first heard her stuff during the summer, literally until I was sweating out the lyrics (how's that for a visual) and I have to say that I like her. Now, that's saying a lot, considering I don't think I truly, full-heartedly, like any female worship leaders or really any female Christian singers and the idea of female pastors still doesn't sit well with me; even though I'm all for women being on the same playing field as men...I digress. Misty Edwards is good stuff.

So since I lost the CD I had of her over the summer, I downloaded a bunch of her stuff from iTunes (gotta love gift cards and downloading legally) and have been listening to it, and I'm sweating out some sweet lyrics...which has got me thinking.

A lot of her stuff has to do with a really deep relationship with God. Like on a level that I don't know if many people actually get to during their lifetime. A relationship that is totally left up to God and is so intimate that God is a real, living and totally loving person...actually deeper than that - I am just at a loss for words and cannot explain it.

On her MySpace page she says, "I have a great desire to see the knowledge of God flood this generation. I mean the real knowledge of God, not the distant Sunday School version but the true encounter with the Uncreated," and later that this is all she cares about. Her songs are so much about being IN LOVE with Jesus and not just loving him, but being fully in love, head over heels, all you think about, all you care about, the reason why you breathe, in love with him. That's intense stuff! And I like it a lot! And I really like that she says "not the distant Sunday School version," because I really feel that America has become caught up in thinking going to church is a good thing to do - even if they are not getting something out of it. Ugh, I hate church....I adore worship. Let's get things right here and really praise God, fall out of tradition a little - don't just go to church...go to worship. (I'm reading Dirty Word by Jim Walker, if you ever read it, you understand my last statement, if you haven't than you should. He's good stuff too.)

Anyway, I really admire a woman that can say that Jesus is the first man in her life and really live that out, even if she is in a relationship with a guy on earth. I think it shows a very rare kind of beauty that our world should be starving for. I think it's easy for a woman to sing a song about being in love with a guy and make it a hit, that's been done since the radio was invented; but for a woman to sing of being in love with Jesus and make it good is just mind-blowing to me, because no one seems to think of the love that they are really needing. It's like Misty Edwards has made songs that every other female artist wished she came up with - but couldn't because no man on earth can love as perfectly as God can. (And I'm not trying to diss men; I know no woman could love like that either.) Like I said, she's good stuff.

There's a saying that goes something like, "A woman's heart should be so lost in God, that a man has to fully seek him to find her." Uh, that is beautiful, and Misty Edwards' songs are beautiful, do yourself a favor and download some. I'm making this out to sound like only girls can have this kind of relationship with God, but that is not true - it is just the way her songs sound to me, personally. I actually know more guys that listen to her than girls and a guy was the one that got me listening to her over the summer. (Just saying.)

But how wonderful would it be to be so in love with God, that someone on earth that wanted to love with you would have to so in love with God just as deeply to understand you and to be able to love you perfectly. That just sounds wonderful to me. But then again, I know I'm different.   

Also, as a side note, I discreetly complained in a note on Facebook recently about how boys do not seem to appreciate true beauty...."Don't depend on things like fancy hairdos or gold jewelry or expensive clothes to make you look beautiful. Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last and God considers it special." (1 Peter 3:3-4) Thank you!

I need to work on that quiet thing, but while doing so, I feel the need to work on being IN LOVE with Jesus as well. Hmm, to be in love with what every woman wants. That must be nice, and I already know that he's head over heels, in love with me - that's even nicer. 


hello my name is dylan renfro and i was wondering if there was any way i could find a guy version( or a guy singing the song) of i will waste my life by misty edwards THANKS god bless

Hi Dylan, thanks for stopping by. I don't know of any guys that sing this song, but you might want to check out youtube, because people always post videos of themselves singing other people's songs.

As for the "guy version," personally I think the song can be taken either way, but I can see how you would think this is more of a song for girls. And as of now, I don't know of any guys that sing a song like this from the male perspective.

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