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February 24, 2010

Handwriting mirrors the soul

In Naomi Baron's section, entitled "The Art and Science of Handwriting," in Writing Material: Readings from Plato to the Digital Age, she mentions how the hand is an instrument of the mind on page 59 and how handwriting let's us see into the soul of a writer on page 55.

I liked both of these ideas because, even though it’s juvenile, I still think people judge others based on what their handwriting looks like. I especially liked a quote that she used on page 58 that says, "Like a speaker’s accent, handwriting was used to pinpoint a writer's social place. What else might handwriting reveal? The writer's soul?" This quote struck me because I never though of handwriting defining social class until reading the history about it in this section of the book.

Personally, I love cursive, but I'm not good at all of it and rarely have the need to use it anyway. I only ever use all cursive when I sign my name to something legal or important, but even still, when I sign my name on a paper or test, it's half and half because I like the flow of letters together rather than as different parts. Just like different characteristics make up who I am, the formations of each letter makes up my casual signature (shown below). I like the look and feel of a half cursive writing style. But it makes me wonder, what is my soul saying?



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