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March 22, 2010

I want Kafka back :(

BAH. Calvino is bothering me in his book If on a winter's night a traveler. It is sort of reminding me of a book I read last year for another class, Kafka on the Shore which was an AMAZING book...unlike what I have read so far of Calvino's novel.

Kafka was a beautifully written book that intertwined two stories that eventually tied together and made a wonderful complete piece, but Calvino is missing that mark. With the "subtle" lines that he makes throughout the work about "The Reader" doing this and by his remarks of saying "You are the sort of reader who is sensitive to such refinements; you are quick to catch the author's intentions and nothing escapes you" (page 25). Well Calvino, I appreciate your compliment, which I feel is really a sarcastic insult, but stop acting like you know me.

This book is annoying. Kafka was at least a fun story; or rather two fun stories, this is just dry and boring text between the times that Calvino tries to claim he knows anything about his readers.

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I agree with you to an extent, Chelsea. I like the way Calvino inserts his flavor into hid writing by addressing his audience so directly, but at the same time, I, like you, have caught myself thinking that Calvino doesn't know mr as a reader or as a person, so he's making a lot of wild accusations. Sure some of them hit head on, but there were instances when I though, "that's not me at all." but we have to remember that we're only 50 pages in, so there's a lot more for us to discover. Who knows, maybe he'll grow on you.

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