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March 9, 2010

"You're killing me Smalls!"

In Writing Materials, Dennis Baron writes, "Hypertext and HTML allow us to create links between documents or paths within them, both of which offer restructured alternatives to linear reading," on page 48 of his article, From Pencils to Pixels.

I thought this quote was interesting because it reminded me of the electronic literature section that we did in Writing for the Internet. Where with the advancements in blogs and written text online has changed they way people see reading online. With hypertext you are able to expand your subject by adding links to similar subjects and increasing your reader's ability to learn and obviously read up on something, all while still being connected back to your original subject. I love hypertext. I like that some people are able to manipulate it and use it to make different kinds of stories and adventures online.

I also liked the part where Baron mentioned "digital fraud pictures," so I'd like to leave you with a couple I found online after searching through the keywords "digital fraud" and then actually getting some results I wanted when I tried the more appropriate terms by just saying "photoshopped" pictures. Enjoy!


I love big dogs too, but when your dog grows to be the size of your horse, you might have a problem if you try to have a safe home.


This one reminds me of The Sandlot dog, Hercules. Could you image that running after you? 

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