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April 20, 2010

13 years later & still true

So I actually agree with Aarseth in this chapter. I took the section found on page 171 into consideration when I was reading especially where it says, "The most interesting case in point at present is the fast growing World Wide Web, where anyone with an Internet account, access to a WWW server and sufficient technical knowledge of the system may become a publisher..."

This part reminded me of a blog I wrote last year, that commented on an article that Dr. Jerz was quoted in. The article was about these blogs coming to Seton Hill and how they would change student learning and so on and I commented on a quote that Jerz said about students becoming "co-creators" of the internet and how I liked that idea.

Well, Aarseth probably didn't realize what a large statement he was making back in 1997 when he wrote this book, but it is still powerful stuff and we are still co-creators of the internet.

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