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April 25, 2010

I like converstations.

With this Portfolio we covered a lot of material relating to the changing of the printed book culture to online literature and eBooks. These entries are my examples from throughout this section, which during this portfolio I really tried to focus on commenting back to every comment I got and to comments I left on other classmates blogs, so here’s my work, I think I’ve done well.

Coverage - I did miss a couple assigned entries this time around, but here is a list of all the ones I did do, which is complete for all of them except for two.

Depth - Without really trying or realizing it I have to say that the depth category was pretty good this time around for not really focusing on actually trying to go in to too much depth, so I’m pretty proud of the fact that I could find some extra interesting things to add for these ones.

Interactions - For this section I wanted to focus on how I could link to other sources, whether that source was another classmate, something unrelated to class or even an older entry I wrote myself. I did pretty well at being able to link to different sources this time around.

Discussions - I made two lists for this one, the first is a list of entries of my own that had a lot of conversation on them and the second is where I was involved in the conversations on classmates entries. This time I really tried to focus on commenting back to every comment that I got just to try to keep the conversations going. In some cases it worked, others not so much. But either way, I think I did well with this category overall.

My Entries

Classmates Entries

Timeliness - This will have to be the section I focus on more next time, because while all of my entries got done before class time, not all of them were up with enough time for people to comment on them but below is a list of a few that were.

Xenoblogging - I think I mentioned all of these things in the Interactions section. I really tried to comment back on comments I got and gave out to other classmates. Although I didn’t get to for everything I did do well with that this time and I think my Interactions section (especially the part about other classmates blogs) shows how I did this well.

Wildcard - I’ve been using my blog more for outside things and have been putting more pictures up in entries as well so here are some examples of that.

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