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April 7, 2010

I want to play a game.

Although the text of Cybertext is a bit confusing I think I like Espen Aarseth's ideas so far. In chapter one, Aaresth mentions (on page 4) how readers used to be "safe" and be able to read texts without any problems in a simple way.

He compares a text reader to a spectator at a soccer game..."not a player," not a factor to the outcome of the game, although a spectator can scream and yell for their team, they don't have much of a direct outcome in the game.

However, Aaresth brings up the idea that once text moved to the internet, it became something completely different, it made it a game. A game where the reader could now be an active part in the outcome of the text. A game where the reader doesn't even need to finish one text if a link to another seems more interesting to them. I think that's fun. It makes me feel like I'm in control again.

With books, the most control a reader has is by putting the book down and not finishing it, but with the ability to interact with text on the internet, the reader can move from text to video to more text to music to another text, very easily. I like it.

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