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April 8, 2010

The Proposal: Will this affect the future?


For the final paper I would like to look into the changes of technology that we are starting to see pick up the pace of how people communicate now will affect future generations in a drastic sense of how they will interact with other people at all when they are face-to-face, since our current society relies so heavily on technology, can we even see the problems that may be occurring?  

My paper would discuss how the growing amount of technology will affect the social abilities of future generations. Because of the use of iPads, being able to get books without going to libraries or bookstores, iPods, by people blocking out others to listen to music, instead of sharing a radio, through online communication devices (Instant Messenger, Facebook, chats and email) instead of face-to-face communication and how cyber schools are even available now where students never have to walk into a classroom to learn and how will future generations be able to function and will they be able to do so efficiently when they are not in front of a computer screen, since that screen can act as a mask for people already…what will it become when everything moves from real life to a screen? 



So far I have not done too much research since we are just in the beginning stages but through browsing on EBSCO I have found mainly articles on how growing technologies will cause problems on the family structure, which will help with this paper because in a super long term, I could see how there could be a time when a family structure (as we know it) would not even exist, so these articles will be helpful in that sense. 

I have also found many articles, some that agree and some that do not about bringing more technologies into the classroom, or as cyber schools become more popular, if they should be kept. Overall, I think there is enough information just from this short search to argue the point, on both sides, saying technology is going to have a large affect on the future. Personally, I will be arguing in this paper that the affect will be negative, but the final research paper will tell whether or not I’ll keep that opinion.

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