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October 14, 2010

Don't stress: just work until you're too tired to have emotions

...or something like that. But nevertheless, it's that time of year. Midterms. Hooray!

I have to say that I feel like I've done a lot this semester throughout these three units. Before this course, I didn't know Scratch existed, I hated Inform 7 and I knew a little bit about HTML and CSS. But now, I feel like I am pretty decent in these three areas and could actually be able to do each of them on my own, if ever needed.

Unit One: Scratch
Like I said, prior to this class, I didn't know what Scratch is and probably would've never found out had I not been in this class since I'm not really in to the "gaming" part of the web. I guess you would consider Scratch as gaming, considering most of the work I went through were game-based. For my project, I wanted to do something that incorporated the Behold the Griffin campaign that is currently going on at Seton Hill to improve the visibility of the Griffin mascot, since William and Mary has recently changed their mascot to a griffin as well.

Entries for Scratch
Scratch that...let's try something new.
Got an itch? Scratch it.

Final Project
Behold the Griffin Scratch

Unit Two: Inform 7

When we first did Inform 7 in Writing for the Internet, during my sophomore year, I hated everything about the game and struggled through getting a project finished. This year, however, though it was not really easy, it didn't seem as hard as I remember. Maybe I've just learned patience? Either way, I didn't mind doing Inform this time around and got pretty ambitious with it as well. Even though, there were a lot of dead ends in this project, I'm pretty proud of it since I really am not a fan of text adventure games, but instead of looking at it as something I dreaded doing, I looked at it as a different form of writing this time around. Which actually did help because I really do enjoy writing for the sake of it. (However, I'm not proud of it enough to post online because of the dead ends, but if anyone wants to play, I do still have it saved.)

Entries for Inform 7
Shopping always has been my favorite game
Let's get real here, Chels.
Not your everyday trip to the mall

Unit Three: HTML & CSS
I was alright with this unit, thinking I remembered a lot more than I actually did at first, but once I got going, it all started coming back to me. I plan on working with this website as my final project for the class because I know I could actually use this in the future and continue to add to it as needed, which I like because unlike the other two units, where once you post it, it's done. So expect to see an updated, finished and polished version of this by the end of the term.

Entries for HTML & CSS

I don't actually like red.

Final Project
Chelsea Oliver Online Portfolio

Throughout the semester, I have to say that I feel I've done really well. With Scratch, I really researched how to do certain things and pulled them together nicely for the finished product, I didn't give up on Inform from the beginning even though I remember not liking it from a class before and with HTML & CSS, I plan on continuing to work on and hopefully get better at, considering I want a really well polished final product of my website that will be my Online Portfolio.

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