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September 27, 2005

Cover Page

For those who are not familiar with what a "Blogging Portfolio" is, I have compied the following list of entries and explanations and the significance of them.I have been blogging on Microsoft Word, and have just put all of my entries on my blog.

This reflection stemmed from the first assignment we had in EL227. I read an article in the Tribune Review that I found appalling and thought it important to blog about it.

I really disliked this book. This is the first text that I have had to read in college thus far and I didn't like. Okay upperclassmen, I know that this is the first of many, but it's a milestone that I felt had to be included.

I found this information very useful in writing news articles.

I found this information on leads very useful as well, it answered alot of questions that I had.

This is my experience in writing my first news article ever!

I struggled with the use of quotes, but after reading this chapter, things became a little more clear.

I had some trouble reading these chapters, after reading other's blogs, I got a little clearer understanding.

I have learned alot from newswriting!

Dr. Jerz asked us to compare our spot news article to the article in the Setonian and the Communicator.

I posted a comment on Elyse's blog!

I also posted a comment on Rachel's blog!

This is my wildcard entry. It is a comment that I posted for Drama, but I think that it says alot about my acheivements as a student web blogger.

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