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September 27, 2005

Good job Kaitie Aikens and Gina!

Ex 1-2a: Informal Oral Presentation -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

I thought that this was a really good exercise. I never really had to do an oral presentation in high school, so it was good to work on one now. It was also very laid back, since we were sitting on the patio outside around a table. I wasnít nervous or anything because Kaitie Aikens and Gina Burgese were the upperclassmen in our group, and they were very, very supportive and helpful. It was clear that they have done things like this before, because they knew exactly what it was that they were supposed to do and they did it well. They also gave a lot of helpful comments and suggestions to the freshmen. They did a very good job of calming us down and making us feel comfortable.
For the most part, no one really had any ideas that we havenít talked about at one point or another. Gina had a very good idea though. She talked about the fact that men always think that they in control of the household, when in reality, it is the woman who has complete control. It was a good learning experience and Iím glad that we did this. It also helped to know that I was doing it for a reason, as the beginning of a process.

^^^Just wanted to give you girls some credit for how helpful you girls were...thank you!

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