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September 27, 2005

Information really is not enough....

AP Guide to News Writing (Ch 2) -- News Writing (EL 227)

I liked this chapter alot. Mainly because this is something that I have always struggled with. Dr. Jerz often talks about the difference between writing for literature and writing for a news article. I totally agree, but this is a common problem with all forms of writing. I remember my Lit teacher in high school telling us after every essay test that we had, about how we can't just throw all of the information that we have learned on paper and expect her to make sense of it. The same goes for writing news articles. There is an emphasis on making what you want to say simple and concise. The idea of wasted words, wasted space is what I have the most trouble with in newswriting. I want to write things clearly, and I guess my instincts tell me that in order to do that, I have to explain things thoroughly which often leads to me using incredibly long sentences.
^^^ see what I mean? All in all, these chapters were very informative for me, because I have never written news articles.

Posted by CheraPupi at September 27, 2005 5:39 PM


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