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September 27, 2005

Leads, Leads, Leads

AP Guide to News Writing (Ch 3) -- News Writing (EL 227)

This chapter was informative as well. I first thought that in order for a lead to be a good one, it HAD to include the 5-w's in the first sentence. I got a much clearer idea of what a lead should and should not include in Chapter 3. I think that the best parts of this chapter were the first and second sections. Section one says not to bury the news. It says to make sure you include only the most important aspects of the story. The second is too much, too little. I was looking back at some of my original assignments after all of the things that we have learned in the past few weeks, and it's amazing how much I would change now that I know what I know. Cutting down my leads is probably the biggest change that I would make.

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