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October 12, 2005

School Work: How much help is too much?

Tribune-Review (Oct 11 edition) -- News Writing (EL 227)

I really liked this article. I think that it gave a lot of very useful information to parents who are involved in their children's education. I remember my parents trying to help me with homework when I was younger. They would take my assignment, look at it, and then completely change it. This article tells parents that being involved is more than okay, it's actually quite positive for children to work with parents AND teachers. I really liked the comparison that it made to sunlight. Too much sunlight will burn you, just as too much help from parents can actually be harmful to a child's education. The article also reminds parents that teachers are not just teachers, they are also parents, spouses, and coaches. I thought that this article was very useful for parents, teachers, and even future parents and teachers.

Posted by CheraPupi at October 12, 2005 1:54 PM


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